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About Us and Our Services

Bouquets of Blessing is owned and operated by the Plocharczyk Family. We are growing all of our flowers using no pesticides or herbicides. We grow fresh, seasonal flowers from late March until October every year.

Our Story
Weekly Flower Delivery
Frugal Flower Shopper
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Meet Us

We are a family of six, working together to bring fresh, local flowers to the community. Formerly located in James City County, we moved in 2023 to our new farm in Westmoreland County


Using our various, unique, God-given talents, we work together to provide you with fresh, locally-grown flowers. 

We plant, care for, harvest, and arrange the flowers ourselves on our small family farm. 

Each flower is unique and requires different care and harvest strategies, yet a bouquet looks complete when it contains a variety of flower types; so we can allow the Lord to use our various talents together in the masterpiece He is making. 

Our Story

As we looked for ways in which we could work together as a family, we found that gardening was enjoyable for us. A few years into our vegetable gardening, we tried a row of zinnias and really were delighted by them. Ever since then, each year we have grown more and more flowers, and now we are ecstatic to share our flowers with you!

Where to Purchase

Weekly Delivery or Pickup: Previously offered to Williamsburg residents, we have decided not to offer this again in 2024. If you are local to Westmoreland county and would like to purchase our flowers, please call us or send an email to

Farmers' Markets: Our fresh bouquets go every Saturday throughout the summer to various Farmers' Markets. 

The Frugal Flower Shopper

Wholesale flowers are a great way to go in many cases. Perhaps you want to make your own arrangements for an event you're coordinating. Or maybe you're a florist looking for local flowers to use during the summer months. Either way, this is where you can do just that. 

If you want to know what we have available now, or what will be available on a future date, please go to our Contact Us page and send us a message with the date you would like to have flowers and we will reply with an idea as to which flowers will be available then.

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