Weekly Flower Delivery

We offer weekly bouquet delivery services in the Williamsburg, Virginia area, specifically to the following zip codes: 23168, 23188, and 23185. We will be doing home and office deliveries on Monday and Thursday afternoons.
We ask that each client leave a vase filled with water on their porch for us to place the flowers in. 
Each week, your subscription bouquet will contain a different array of blooms and foliage. If a specific color is not specified, the bouquets will change in color scheme each week. The bouquets come wrapped in a Kraft paper sleeve, with a packet of flower preservative attached to the stems. 
Our flowers will be ready June 15 and continue to be available through October 15.
Our Delivery Subscription is flexible. We can work around your summer vacation. When you subscribe for our weekly bouquet delivery, you choose which particular days during the summer you would like your arrangements delivered. 
Do-It-Yourself Option: 

Our summer subscriptions now include an option for those who like the challenge of arranging their own flowers.

You'll receive the same number of stems we put in all of our other bouquets, it will still contain the colors you choose, and we will still wrap it in a Kraft paper sleeve with a packet of floral preservative. The only differences are 1) the flower stems will all be the length they were when we harvested them that morning, so that you can cut them to the height you desire, and 2) the flowers will be bunched together in little clumps, like they might look out in the field, separated by type.

Delivery Fee
Our Bouquet Subscriptions come with a delivery fee of $5 for each time we deliver to your home or office. 

Visit our Store today to order your Bouquet Delivery Subscription. 

Bouquets of Blessing. 

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