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Weekly Flower Delivery

We offer weekly bouquet delivery services in the Williamsburg, Virginia area, specifically to the following zip codes: 23168, 23188, and 23185. We will be doing home and office deliveries on Tuesday afternoons.
We ask that each client leave a vase filled with water on their porch for us to place the flowers in. 

Each week, your subscription bouquet will contain a different array of blooms and foliage. If a particular color is not specified, the bouquets will change in color scheme each week. The bouquets come wrapped in a Kraft paper sleeve, with a packet of flower preservative attached to the stems. 

Our Delivery Subscription is flexible. We can work around your summer vacation. When you subscribe for our weekly bouquet delivery, you choose which particular days during the summer you would like your arrangements delivered. 

Delivery Fee
Our Bouquet Subscriptions come with a delivery fee of $6.50 for each time we deliver to your home or office. 

Pre-order now for Spring and Summer. 

About our Store Options

Summer Options 
Our summer options include a single bouquet as well as 5 and 10 weeks of bouquets. This is for mid-June through early September. Summer bouquets can include sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, aromatic basil, snapdragons, and much more. 
Single bouquet: $20
5 weeks: $90
10 weeks: $175

Summer Sunflowers
This is a subscription for 10 weeks of sunflower bunches. Each bunch includes 12 to 15 sunflowers in just about any color you can imagine. Available from mid-June to early September. 

Peak of Summer Subscription
This option is our best deal and includes just 6 weeks through July and August, the time of year when the flowers are producing faster than we can even keep up. We recommend that this option be combined with another subscription. 

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Spring Options
This includes 6 predetermined dates on which you will receive sophisticated Spring arrangements. A bi-weekly option is also available for 3 weeks of Spring bouquets. This includes tulips, ranunculus, sweet william, cornflower, salvia, peonies, ammi, snapdragons, stock, and much more. 
Single bouquet: $25
3 weeks: $67.50
6 weeks: $135

Spring/Summer Subscription 
This is our largest option, combining our Spring and Summer options for 16 weeks of bouquets for less than $20 each. $295.

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