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(Pygmys Torch)

This delightful dark red flower arches perfectly to make your bouquet extraordinary. 

Do-It-Yourself Option: 

Our summer subscriptions now include an option for those who like the challenge of arranging their own flowers.

You'll receive the same number of stems we put in all of our other bouquets, it will still contain the colors you choose, and we will still wrap it in a Kraft paper sleeve with a packet of floral preservative. The only differences are 1) the flower stems will all be the length they were when we harvested them that morning, so that you can cut them to the height you desire, and 2) the flowers will be bunched together in little clumps, like they might look out in the field, separated by type.


(Red and Green Plume)

This appealing filler gives your bouquet the texture you want.

Broom Corn

(Red Broom Corn and Colored Uprights)

Adds both texture and height to any arrangement. Light green when fresh, and a beautiful red when dried. 


(Chabaud Mix)

An outstanding picturesque bloom that is essential to any arrangement. The principal colors carnations come in include: pink, purple, red, white, and orange. With their ruffled edges and many layers they are irrefusable. 

Celosia (cockscomb)

(Cristata Mix and Pampas Plume)

Want a fun flower to add to your arrangement? We supply Cristata Mix, which is a large bloom that looks a bit like a coral reef, and Pampas Plume, which is a smaller bloom that comes in shades of pink, and yellow. 



Coming in various shades of pink and purple, this bunch of blossoms gives your bouquet a full look.


(A Commercial Mix of Every Color)

The perfect centerpiece for any bouquet in any color! Multiple flowers come on one stalk making this flower beautiful on every side.


(Elegance Purple)

Known for its perfume, lavender added to your bouquet will give it not only a magnificent look, but a marvelous aroma as well.


(Mariachi White and Blue and Arena III Red)

A captivating flower that is a primary part for your table's centerpiece. We have a supply of white, red, and blue picotee.


(Sugar and Spice)

A very becoming layered flower that normally has yellow or orange petals.

Matricaria (Feverfew)

(Magic Single and Magic Yellow)

An attractive miniature blossom that will add a unique sparkle to your cluster of flowers. Normally white with a yellow middle. 

Ornamental Grass


Give your arrangement the height it needs with this filler that looks like miniature cattails. 


The small collection of flowers on one stalk that tops off any arrangement. 

Blue Victory Salvia.jpg


(Victoria Blue)

Do you like the color blue? Victoria Blue Salvia can add a touch of blue to any arrangement.


(Seeker Mix)

Coming in a variety of colors, this filler helps the more bold flowers in your arrangement stand out. 


(Iron Series)

Are you looking for numerous ostentatious flowers all on one stem? This stalk comes with flowers in almost any color.


(Swiss Giant Mix)

These interesting flowers remain firm and sturdy for an exceedingly long time. 

180619-Alyssa Plocharczyk-0354 with logo


Not only do we have the classic sunflower with yellow petals and a brown center, but we also have the following different color combinations: Yellow petals with a yellow center, dark red petals with a black center, and a bicolor of red and yellow petals and a dark center. 

Sweet William

(Tall Double Mix)

A splendid miniature bunch of flowers. Most often pink, white, red, purple, or a mix of these colors.


(Colorado Mix)

This a beautiful filler to make any collection of flowers stand out.


(California Giants, Polar Bears, Lilliput Mix, and Persian Carpet)

Coming in just about every color possible, Zinnias are a bright and colorful addition to any arrangement. 

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