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Other Products From Our Family Farm

Eggs - $6 per dozen

Our eggs come from our free-range chickens that we raise on our farm. We feed our chickens non-GMO, glyphosate-free feed. 


Blueberries - $3.50/pint

Our blueberries are picked daily and are deliciously mouth-watering. Generally available in July. 


Watermelon - price varies

Our watermelon are ready-to-eat right out of the field. They are usually available in July and August. We offer four different types of watermelon:


Crimson Sweet is a traditional-style watermelon that is great for those who aren't quite ready to try something new.


Moon and Stars is a large, family-sized watermelon that has sporadic yellow spots on a dark green skin.


Sugar Baby is a very small watermelon that is perfect for an individual craving a juicy snack. This type of watermelon is the sweetest-tasting watermelon we offer. Unfortunately, because of its small size it will not stay fresh for long, and thus should be cut up within two days of purchasing it.


Cream of Saskatchewan, the personal favorite of most of our family, looks just like a normal watermelon from the outside, but on the inside is totally different. Rather than the traditional red meat on the inside, this watermelon is white on the inside. This can make a great addition to fruit salads.

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